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Big Game Hunting Podcast

Oct 8, 2020

Show Notes:

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What We Covered

1) Overview of the hunting goals I set when I moved to El Paso in 2017 and how I'm progressing in accomplishing them.

2) How my 2019 season compares to my upcoming 2020 hunting season.

3) The draw strategy I used to get the early rifle elk tag I ended up drawing in New Mexico this year.

4) Story of how I ended up drawing that tag.

Show Sponsor

GoHunt has some of the most comprehensive information available anywhere on where to go to hunt iconic western animals (like mule deer, pronghorn, and elk). They specialize in providing information necessary on how to draw the necessary tag, and what hunting tactics work best in specific areas. I’ve used goHUNT for the past several years with great success and cannot recommend them highly enough. With their help, I’ve been able to find and draw “hidden gem” tags in several different states that there’s no way I would have known about on my own.

This is especially true for the tags I drew I've drawn during the past 2 years: 4 hunts in 3 different states for 4 different species of game (elk, mule deer, pronghorn, and Coues deer) that I drew with a grand total of 4 bonus/preference points (1 in Colorado, 3 in Arizona, and 0 in New Mexico).

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