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Big Game Hunting Podcast

Jul 2, 2020

What's are the best Africa hunting bullets? We’re joined by Dr. Kevin Robertson in this episode and he’s going to share his thoughts on some of the best bullets for hunting in Africa for plains game, lion, leopard, and cape buffalo.
Africa is a very large and diverse continent with a wide variety of game to match. However, Kevin has lots of real world experience afield in Africa and he literally wrote the book on shot placement and bullet selection on African game.

Show Notes:

Show Sponsor: Buy copies of Kevin's books at Both books are fantastic resources for preparing for a hunt in Africa.

What We Covered

1) Stories of how things can go wrong when a hunter uses an inappropriate bullet on both plains game and cape buffalo.

2) Characteristics Kevin prioritizes when choosing the right bullet for plains game, lion, leopard, and cape buffalo.

3) Specific hunting bullet recommendations for the various species of game in Africa.

4) A couple of stories where things went right on a hunt that demonstrate just how impressive the performance of some high quality bullets can be these days.


1) The Perfect Shot and Africa's Most Dangerous. Kevin wrote both of these books and I highly recommend purchasing copies of each if you think you might want to hunt in Africa one day. They contain a wealth of knowledge about the natural history of the major species of African game, cartridge recommendations, bullet recommendations, tips on shot placement, and general information about hunting in Africa. You can also purchase a pocket-sized mini edition of the Perfect Shot to take along as a reference on a hunt. Get copies of them all at

2) His books are also available directly from Safari Press.

3) Kevin's Web Site: