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Big Game Hunting Podcast

Jul 14, 2022

Kevin Robertson is back again to talk about the “classic” Africa hunting cartridges today. We cover the pros, cons, and recommended uses for almost everything from the 243 Winchester all the way up to the 600 and 700 Nitro Express in this episode. Among other things, we talk about how hunting in Africa is different from hunting in north America, the unique characteristics of some of the most popular species of game in Africa, and how those things dictate ideal ballistic performance for the situation.

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Profiles of Cartridges We Discussed:

7mm Mauser

7x64mm Brenneke

30-06 vs 270

300 Win Mag vs 7mm Rem Mag

8x68mm S

9.3x62mm Mauser

375 H&H Magnum

416 Rigby

458 Win Mag vs 458 Lott

700 Nitro Express video

577 T-Rex shooting video

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Show Notes: