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Big Game Hunting Podcast

Dec 23, 2021

Today Joseph von Benedikt is back is on the show with us for our second successful bighorn sheep hunt recap in as many months today. We’re going to talk about how Joseph got this opportunity, the importance of maintaining good physical fitness and of taking care of your gear in the off season, the story of his hunt, some lessons he learned along the way, and what the future holds for him.

Show Notes:

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What We Covered

1) How Joseph got this opportunity to hunt bighorn sheep on such short notice.

2) What his goals were for the hunt and what size/age sheep he was allowed to shoot.

2) The story of his hunt.

4) The details of the rifle set-up and ammunition he used on this hunt.

5) What the future holds for Joseph.

6) The importance of being physically fit and otherwise prepared to take advantage of a hunting opportunity like this one if and when it comes around for you

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