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Big Game Hunting Podcast

Jun 3, 2021

Moose are the primary focus of my long term hunting goals right now and I know that many listeners of this podcast feel the same way. With that in mind, we have a special guest on the show today who has a lot of experience moose hunting: Ron Spomer. Ron will share some of his moose hunting experiences, give us an overview of how people usually hunt moose, and finish off with some recommendations and some valuable lessons he learned along the way.

Click the link below to see photos of Ron from some of his moose hunts.

Show Notes:

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What We Covered

1) Brief overview of moose: what a moose is, where they live, and an overview of the different sub-species.

2) Where Ron has hunted moose.

3) What sort of terrain moose live in and an overview of the different methods people use to hunt moose.

4) Equipment Ron thinks is important for success on a moose hunt.

5) What sort of bullet performance is necessary for good results on moose.

6) The cartridges and specific bullets Ron recommends for moose.

7) Important considerations on what shots you should and should not take when hunting moose for best results with recovering the animal.

8) Ron's advice to prospective moose hunters.


1) Ron's Instagram & YouTube Pages

2) – Ron's web site.

3) A Starter Rifle For New, Small-Framed, And/Or Recoil Shy Hunters - Article I wrote for Ron Spomer Outdoors.