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Big Game Hunting Podcast

Feb 24, 2022

Do you want to hunt mule deer, elk, and/or pronghorn out west, but don't know where to start? This episode will answer your questions. Trail Kreitzer from goHunt is back on the show today to talk about how to draw a deer, elk, or antelope tag out west in the near future. Trail drops some serious knowledge bombs in this show and this is a must listen for anyone who wants to go hunting out west but just doesn’t know where to start. Additionally, he even makes me realize that I’m in a sticky situation myself regarding my point situation in a certain state. So, be sure to listen to this episode to learn the mistake I made so you can avoid it in the future. 

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Show Notes:

What We Covered

1) States to consider with good drawing odds (or guaranteed tags) for elk hunting.

2) Difference between the general and limited entry elk hunts in Wyoming and Montana.

3) Special considerations to keep in mind with regards to applying in Montana.

4) States to consider with good drawing odds for mule deer hunting.

5) Difference between the general and limited entry deer hunts in Wyoming and Montana.

6) Why Wyoming is such a good state in general for non-resident hunters.

7) Overview of why it's important to have a coherent multi-state and multi-species application strategy.

8) Example of why your application sequence is so important.