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Big Game Hunting Podcast

Jan 27, 2022

Kevin Robertson is back again to talk about hippopotamus hunting. As always, he has some great hippo stories from his many years in Africa. We also really get into the nuts and bolts of hippo hunting: where to go, how to evaluate a big hippo, what their anatomy is like, where to shoot them, and how things can go wrong on a hippo hunt. We talk a lot about cartridge and bullet selection as well as terminal ballistics as they relate to hippopotamus hunting.

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Show Notes:

What We Covered

1) Story of a few of Kevins more interesting encounters with hippo over the years.

2) How big hippopotamus get, what they eat, how old they live, and what their lifecycle is like.

3) Discussion on the wounds hippo inflict on each other when fighting and how they affect hippo behavior.

4) How to hunt hippopotamus and special considerations to keep in mind when pursuing them.

5) Recommended shot placement on hippopotamus and how this varies depending on whether the animal is in the water or on land.

6) What Kevin considers the ideal cartridges and bullets for hippo hunting.

7) Where you should go hippo hunting.