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Big Game Hunting Podcast

Dec 30, 2021

As usual, I'd like to recap how things went in 2021 and then set some goals for 2022. So, I’m going to go over those new goals with you right now, give you a brief overview of how I plan on accomplishing them, and give you a preview of what 2022 will look like with the Big Game Hunting Podcast. In that vein, I'm also looking for some feedback and listener suggestions for future episodes.

Show Notes:

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What We Covered

1) Details on my short term goals for 2022.

2) What my medium terms goals are and how I plan on accomplishing those goals.

3) How I plan on accomplishing my long term goal of harvesting a bull moose.

4) A brief sneak peak at what 2022 holds for The Big Game Hunting Podcast.

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