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Big Game Hunting Podcast

Sep 16, 2021

Jeff Roberts from PNWild is back on for this episode of The Big Game Hunting Podcast to talk about spot and stalk fall bear hunting in Washington. We discuss why Washington is such a great destination for black bear hunting, what habitat black bears prefer in the fall, what resources he uses to find good places to hunt black bears, what sort of gear he uses, and what he thinks about black bear meat.

Show Notes:

Learn more about bear hunting in Washington state here.

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What We Covered

1) Jeff shares the story of one of his more memorable fall bear hunts.

2) Brief overview of the Washington fall bear hunting season: dates, weapons, location, etc.

3) What the most commonly used methods are for those hunts.

4) Discussion on the best places to find bears in the fall.

5) What things to look for when E-Scouting for a fall bear hunt.

6) What resources Jeff recommends for gathering information on fall bear hunting before hitting the woods.

7) What rifle, cartridge, and ammunition he's used on the High Buck Hunt hunt.

8) What success rates are like on these hunts.

8) What Jeff thinks of bear meat. 

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